a somewhat brief presentation of myself!

Purpose, idea, ripening, creation. In that order I work as a photographer. The purpose for me is like a root, without purpose, a picture feels incomprehensible and flat. The ripening is the key to a smooth and effective execution. Thanks to the ripening I develop my ideas and make them viable. The idea is being processed, criticized and polished to an excellent plan.

I strive to create new concepts, a tiny bit of provocation often comes from ignorance, and I love to educate. The message is an important part even if I for the most parts don’t even have a specific meaning behind the picture itself, I like to leave it to the spectator, personally one of the most interesting parts is the feedback. Listening to what the audience associates the picture that I’ve created with and at the same time left the message to hers or his hands is really educative to me as a photographer.

As my ground rule I always try to inspire others and impress no one else but myself.