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Right now I study Audiovisual Communication in Helsinki.  In school we study the basics of three subjects: Video, Graphic Design and Photography. I mainly applied to this specific education by the reason of my interest in photography. I wish to evolve my knowledge, both technically and artistically when it comes to bringing out a message.

So what does my future look like? I don’t know, I constantly aspire to impress no one but myself, and at the very same time inspire everyone. I want to create, I want to become an artist. Why? I believe that with the source of your own thoughts you can make creations shaped through your own mind and emotion with a cause.

I can not say i love writing, but i love expressing my own emotions through pictures, i love the silence, i love that there is no wrong perception, everyone has an unique way of seeing things.

Growing up surrounded by forest and at the age of 17 move to a city big as Helsinki feels like a dream. I never predicted to be where i am today, I am grateful.